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Don't Get Caught Slipping

As educators one of our "super powers" is planning. We all must realize that "things" will never be the same. They way school is presented now during the pandemic has caused administration, teachers, and stakeholders to pivot; Now get ready to pivot again, as we move back into schools and or hybrid learning. Be ready for the effects of the pandemic on your students education and parents. Therefore as administrators, teachers, and staff don't get caught slipping.

Yes, all the technology issues, setting up cute and effective Google Classrooms are very important but do not forget to create a Climate of Care in School. Because that's what it is "school' even if it happens in a kitchen or living room it is still our "nouveau" school.

According to Jennifer Soalt (2020), school leaders-superintendents, principals and department heads are faced with the challenge of uniting and inspiring their school communities with care and kindness.Three research based key mindsets.

Strength-based approach

Approach teaching and learning by articulating ways in which they have been strong, and help to leverage those strengths to face the work ahead of everyone.

Cultivate collective leadership

Collective or distributed leadership assumes that input from teachers and families matters in running the school. Doing this creates a sense of belonging and connection. This is done not just by parent meetings. What about a informal "parent lounge" google meet group where parents can come together just to talk about some their struggles and accomplishments of their school week online.

Enact kindness

In the book The War for Kindness, by Jamil Zaki, we are reminded of how important benevolence is to organizations such as schools, not just lives. This takes the form of empathy, which takes the form of listening to and really acknowledging the pain and suffering of other without trying to solve it. Truly, just listen and acknowledge as a leader you don't have all the answers and you, just like your teachers and parents at time feel "lost", but together with patience and keeping the line of communication open we will get through anything. So don't get caught slipping, "make plans."

For more information and or training for leadership committees, one-on-one coaching and school staff please contact Dr. Nicola at

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