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Business Meeting

Para-Professional Training

45 minute to 1 hour seminar that teaches the importance of “soft skills”, time management and organizational skills in the pivotal position of an assistant; for Para-Professional, Library Media Assistants and Corporate Assistants.


Stress Management

1-hr seminar that helps teachers identify their why and learn tactic that are easily applicable to create a positive high energy environment in the classroom.


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In-School Suspension Plan

Schools can no longer rely on Home Suspension at every turn as a form of discipline. More schools now need an effective In-house suspension program that no only allows students to continue their learning but ultimately change negative behaviors


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Behavior / Discipline Plan

Customized Advising and Consulting-Planning School-Wide Behavioral/Discipline Plans We Collaboration with the school’s discipline committee and help design a truly “effective” and “consistent” Discipline Plan giving teachers and staff the tools to maintain school-wide order.


Business Consultation

Establishing Allies

“It takes more than reading books on racism and allyship. A Seminar of conversation and communicating, concentrating on what is “unconscious bias”, how to deal with it, and how to move forward. For school administrators, staff, teachers, and college institutions. Let’s do this together.


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