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Review. Research. Reveal. Refine.

Ultra Didiatic Educational Consultants specializes in improving classroom management, school-wide discipline, and increased engagement within our new virtual climate. We perform extensive research and build genuine relationships with the faculty to identify the root of the problem. After our assessment is complete, we create efficient, time-conscious strategies to address the unique needs of the school, making it a positive environment for all. 



How to be a great assistant 60min presentation



Creating a purpose-able ISS room in elementary & middle schools


Behavior Plan

Navigating & constructing  successful behavior plans



Breathe of Fresh Air: Allyship in Schools

Ultra Didactic Services

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Meet the Didactic Duo

Dr. Nicola and Dr. Lorraine


Virtual Classroom Management Consulting

Professional Training for Pre-K-12 grade schools- This is school training conducted by Dr. Nicola and Dr. Lorraine Gaillard. This is a full-day training, which may also be done virtually in addition to face-to-face. (Microsoft Teams, and Zoom platforms)

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from our clients

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Taylor Wilcox

Amber F. 

Middle School Teacher, GA

“Your advice and strategies were both insightful and effective”

Image by Annie Spratt

Jamie B. 

Middle School Principal, Savanah, GA

“Training was relevant to my needs.”

Image by Ben White

Haley C.

Elementary Teacher, Burke County, GA

The instruction was clear and understandable and it met my expectations.